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Welcome to RC Diesel.  Here is where we tell some of our race stories.   We are from Rockland MA.  And we like to mess around with RC Cars and trucks. 


Above:   Traxxas           T-Maxx. 


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Stirring up the Dirt:


Ok sometimes we got to take the Dirtbikes out for a little spin too.   Or mountain bikes,  See the Bike news.  Page 2 of this website. 

Phantom Rider (above) warming up the ride.  

Ver 007

Steve’s Story: Steve’s Toys.

Here it is Steve’s RC Plane.   This puppy will be taking flight soon.   We will have Steve’s first flight story soon.   

Steve’s comment.   “ I can change this plane into a dented lawn dart !!”  


We all hope that Steve’s first flight is a successful one.   

RCDiesel . Com    Created July 06.  We are just a group of people that enjoy the RC thing.   Here we tell our war stories.   Normally we do our RC thing in September to November.  This year we are looking to have some snow to drive in.   More RC fun.

Smoke Em!

Steve gets a new toy !

Steve’s New addition to his RC plane collection.   This is a Easy Star.   This plane is  easy to navigate.  Packed with fun, Grab new batteries and you are ready to go.  

Above,  Terrence, Jean, and Tom go for a adventure on the dirt bikes.  




Left: Chris takes the Quad out for a spin too.  He stops to check that everything is A-OK.  Ready to Dust it Up. 




See Dirtbike video below:



This year Rcdiesel has some videos posted on youtube.com    Look above and at the links below for more information.   


RC cars are more popular than we thought.  We thought were were the only crazy ones to get into this hobby.   But after checking    youtube.com   (this is a site where people put home video’s)  this seems to be a very popular hobby.                 Tom.

Below,  Add a Video Cam to a RC plane and what do you get.   A very cool video.   Here is Steve G’s flight video. 

Thanks for the video Steve.          Video :  Plymouth, MA.



This is a picture of the helicopter that I have. It's called a "Falcon 3D"


Well, for an experiment I'd say the camera project went pretty well. (see Steve’s video below) Learning to fly these RC airplanes and helicopters isn't easy at all, but I keep trying. One thing I've learned so far is that you have to enjoy repairing the planes as part of the total hobby.    <Steve>

Above:   Jesse trying some tilting stunts.  Not bad,  He had this on two wheels and smoothly got all 4-wheels placed back on the ground.    Stunts and fancy driving is part of the fun.  

Dirtbike Video: